We are developing Eyes on the Sky as a Mixed Reality experience designed to bring space environmentalism education alive. Our goal is to move a minimum of 10k people a year through this experience and use immersion to foster attitude and behavioral change. We hope to spark a shared understanding of space environmentalism and our role in the element common to us all: our sky! The 20-minute immersive story allows for 8 people to actively engage in the immersive SkyDome experience as it moves through multiple worlds. The story kicks off with an introduction to your guide, Moriba Jah, in a small town that could be like any other in America. He’s conducting important research and he wants to share it with you. After an incident involving a soda cup, you meet him in the street. From there you travel together to the Pacific Ocean Garbage Patch, watch the night sky come to life with the stories of our ancestors, help some friends on the International Space Station and catch a glimpse of our future – a future you have a part to play in. 

We are seeking contributions to support $500k for Phase 1 development. This allows us to complete preliminary interviews of experts, to refine the interactive script giving the audience character roles and agency within the experience, and to prototype story beats to find solutions for design challenges. After that, we will move into Phase 2, seeking additional support and partners to produce this as a transmedia story world. This will allow Eyes on the Sky to extend from your home via podcasts and social media to the main narrative as a traveling immersive experience (mentioned above) to further outreach with educational curricula. Eyes on the Sky is growing in visibility and sustainability. Your participation will identify you as an advocate of space environmentalism.

Sky Dome

The audience will participate in the story via a traveling immersive exhibition. This Mixed Reality experience combines both physical and digital assets and spaces to make the story world come alive.

The SkyDome is a projection mapping dome experience, mixed with the traditions of theater stage craft and cutting edge extended reality technology, allowing us to change one space into multiple locations.


Near-space is finite and essential. At the same time, it is also without governance. Competing global interests threaten the current precarious balance and, consequently, our future way of life. Eyes on the Sky is an immersive experience project centered around space environmentalism. Uniting three schools at UT Austin (Cockrell School of Engineering, Moody College of Communication, and College of Liberal Arts), the Eyes on the Sky immersive experience advocates for a new United Nations Sustainable Development Goal to help protect the authenticity of the skies around us. Collaborating creatively with professors, peers, and mentors alike, our end goal is to drive awareness for space environmentalism and craft a new sustainability law recognized by the UN. The project is currently under discussion for partnerships with NASA, National Geographic, and others. Eyes on the Sky aspires for our hearts, minds, and eyes to look upward, protecting and preserving our Earth and space for generations to come. What is the general problem?